Naxal Eradication | Chhattisgarh: Families of martyrs will get Rs 20 lakh to buy land for Naxal eradication. Navabharat (New India)

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Raipur. The Chhattisgarh government has made a provision of Rs 20 lakh for purchase of agricultural land to the families of the martyrs in the new policy of Naxal eradication and to provide artificial limbs to the injured jawans if necessary. Officials gave this information on Saturday. Officials said that provision has also been made to provide government service on the lines of compassionate appointment in the case of the murder of the earning member of the family in a Naxalite attack.

He said that in the cabinet meeting held on Friday under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, the new policy of Naxal eradication was approved. Officials said that the new policy of Naxal eradication is based on the Triveni action plan of development, trust and security of the government. He told that in this policy the tasks and targets to be done by various departments in the fields of education, health, employment etc. have been mentioned.

Officials said that under the new policy, an amount of Rs 20 lakh will be given as additional relief amount to the families of the martyrs of the police force for purchasing agricultural land and for purchasing agricultural land within three years, up to two acres of land. Exemption will be given in stamp duty and registration fee. Arrangements will also be made to provide artificial limbs to the injured jawans if necessary. He told that provision has been made in the Naxal eradication policy for rehabilitation of Naxalites, families of Naxalites and surrendered Naxalites.

He informed that there is a provision of district level committee under the chairmanship of collector at the district level for the decision of rehabilitation. He said that in case of difficulty in this, a committee has been constituted at the state level under the chairmanship of Additional Chief Secretary or Principal Secretary Home. He informed that various departments have made provision for various benefits and facilities for rehabilitation.

Officials said that the compensation amount given to villagers for killing, injuring and damaging property by Naxalites has been increased up to two times. Under this, if necessary, the artificial limb will be provided by the Social Welfare Department. He told that in the case of the killing of the breadwinner of the family by the Naxalites, government service would be provided on the lines of compassionate appointment.

He said that if the government service is not given, then an additional amount of Rs 15 lakh will be given for the purchase of agricultural land and exemption will be given in stamp duty or registration fee on land up to two acres for purchasing agricultural land in three years. Officials said that if a Maoist surrenders with a weapon, he will be given Rs 50 instead of Rs 5 per cartridge. Officials told that an amount of Rs 25,000 will be given to each Naxalite for surrender.

He said that on surrendering a Naxalite with a reward of Rs.5 lakh or more, an amount of Rs.10 lakh will be given separately (this amount will be in addition to the reward amount declared above and the compensation amount payable in lieu of surrendered weapon). Officials told that this amount will be deposited in the bank and its interest will be given to the surrendered Naxalites. He told that this amount will be given after reviewing his conduct after three years.

He told that if the surrendered Naxalite buys agricultural land within three years, then he will be exempted from stamp duty and registration fee on land up to two acres. He said that in the new policy, the victims of other states have also been made eligible for compensation. He said that if a civilian or a surrendered Naxalite has given special cooperation to the police in the anti-Naxalite operation and this poses a threat to his security, then in such cases the Inspector General of Police will be able to recruit him to the lowest posts in the police department.

Officials said that Chhattisgarh Naxal eradication policy will be effective for five years from the date of its implementation. Officials said the state has a Naxalite surrender and rehabilitation policy and a provision for compensation for victims of Naxalite violence, but for the first time a comprehensive policy has been drafted. The official said the policy would be tabled in the ongoing session of the state assembly. It is expected to be implemented in two months, he added.

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