Framers Crisis | After Maharashtra, now the farmers of Punjab are ‘worried’, heavy losses due to low prices of potatoes. Navabharat (New India)


Jalandhar, Due to very low prices of potatoes in Punjab, the farmers of the state are facing huge losses. He has urged the state government to help him in this regard.

According to potato growers, they are getting Rs 4-4.50 per kg for their crop, compared to Rs 17-18 last year. Now even the cost of the farmers is not coming out on selling. So he is storing potatoes in cold storage in the hope that there will be some improvement in potato prices in a few months.

Potato has been cultivated in an area of ​​1.14 lakh hectare in Punjab this season, yielding 31.50 lakh tonnes. Punjab is the largest producer of seed potatoes and supplies to several states including West Bengal, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Bihar, Assam, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh. According to farmers, the prices have fallen due to bumper crop in other potato producing states.

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