BrahMos Misfire | When ‘BrahMos Missile’ fell by ‘mistake’ in Pakistan, ‘war’ kept on happening… | Navabharat (New India)

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New Delhi. According to a big news, the Additional Solicitor General, appearing for the Center in the hearing of a case in Delhi HC, admitted that the misfire of BrahMos Missile in March 2022 could have led to a major war with Pakistan. The HC was hearing a petition filed by a former Indian Air Force officer, whose service was terminated at that time in connection with the BrahMos missile misfire incident.

On the other hand, Additional Solicitor General Chetan Sharma, appearing for the Center on the matter, told the court on Thursday that due to misfire, there could have been a war with Pakistan. He said that this incident had put India in an embarrassing position in front of the international community.

When ‘Brahmos’ accidentally misfired

In fact, on March 9, 2022, a BrahMos missile was fired by mistake and it fell into Pakistan’s territory. While the Court of Inquiry (COI) found that deviation from the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) by them had led to the miss fire. After this the services of three IAF officers were terminated.

When the IAF officer filed the petition

On the same issue again one of the IAF officers had moved the court regarding his dismissal. The IAF officer’s plea states that the accident occurred during a simulation exercise carried out by ‘A’ Flight of 2403 Guided Weapons Squadron as part of a scheduled inspection visit by a Command Air Staff Inspection Team.

IAF officer’s argument

Along with this, the IAF officer said that on the day of the incident, he was posted as an engineering officer in the squadron. They further contended that, they were given professional and practical training only for their duties which were purely maintenance in nature. He further added that, as an engineering officer, he was never given training to operate it.

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