Amritpal Singh | Police in search of pro-Khalistan Amritpal, being told ‘ISI agent’, came back to India to spoil the atmosphere. Navabharat (New India)

Pic: Social Media

New Delhi / Amritsar. According to the big news coming from Punjab, the police here have now intensified their operation against the pro-Khalistan ‘Waris Punjab De’ across the state. Along with this, the police have so far arrested 78 people associated with the organization. These arrests have been made under the case related to the attack on Ajnala police station. According to the police on the matter, a large-scale operation is being conducted to nab Amritpal Singh, the head of the organization, who has now been declared a fugitive.

What will happen ‘encounter’

On the other hand, Amritpal’s supporters say that the police have already arrested him and can encounter him at any time by taking him outside the state. Here, due to apprehension of deteriorating atmosphere, there are orders to keep mobile internet and bulk SMS services closed till 12 noon today in Punjab. Police said that during the statewide operation, 8 rifles, 1 revolver and 373 live cartridges of different calibers have been recovered so far.

Amritpal – ISI Agent

And according to some other media reports, Amritpal is an ISI agent of Pakistan’s intelligence agency. In fact, according to sources on the matter, the central intelligence security agencies have informed the Punjab Police that self-styled godman Amritpal Singh has an ISI agent. At the same time, ISI-backed terrorist organizations of Pakistan are also continuously funding Amritpal through Khalistan supporters sitting abroad. Amritpal has been targeted to spoil the atmosphere of Punjab by tricking the youth of Punjab in the name of religion and Khalistan.

What is ‘Plan’

According to these reports, Amritpal Singh is said to be a special henchman of UK based Khalistani terrorist Avtar Singh Khanda. Please inform that Avtar Singh Khanda is a lieutenant of Babbar Khalsa International and is also an associate of Paramjit Singh Pamma, a terrorist of the banned pro-Khalistan terrorist organization Babbar Khalsa International. At the behest of these two, Amritpal Singh has returned from Dubai to Punjab to work and spoil the atmosphere in Punjab. At the same time, Amritpal Singh, who worked as a transport operator in Dubai, also met ISI-backed Khalistani terrorists in Dubai.

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